Summer haircuts 2015

Summer haircuts 2015

Hay muchos únicos estilos de cortes de pelo corto verano 2015 que pueden hacerte lucir hermosa y adorable. Cuando llega el verano, las mujeres piensan en nuevas formas de llevar su cabello.

Summer haircuts 2015

There are many unique short haircuts summer 2015 styles that can make you look beautiful and adorable. When summer comes, women think of new ways to wear their hair. In summer you can try thousands of unique hairstyles for your short hair, as the warm weather brings out the messy texture and bright dyes that are usually avoided during winter. Here are some wonderful hairstyles for short hair that you should try this 2015.

Bold Red

Lots of volume and a bold red color can really make your short hairstyle pop.

How to Style

– Use mousse to add volume to towel-dried hair
– Part your hair to one side with a slightly diagonal parting.
– Use your fingertips to lift the roots when blow-drying your hair.
– A small round brush can be used to lift your hair and twist it back.
– For more control, use a medium-strength hair spray.

Layered Bob Style

The layered bob is a slight variation on the traditional bob. If you have slightly long bobs then you can pull your hair back as needed. You can also curl it. A layered bob offers a fashionable and attractive edgy look that needs little maintenance. Long layers keep your angled bob silky smooth and perfect for summer. To give a silky smooth style to your layered bob you need to do the following.

How to Style

– Use a protective serum
– Use a flat iron to straighten sections and twist your hair down towards the ends of each section.
– For additional control use medium-strength hairspray.

The Best Face Shape For A Layered Bob

This hairstyle suits square, heart-shaped or oval faces best and is easier on curly or straight hair.

Short Braids

Two braids on the sides give short hair an edgy feel. The best part is that they are super simple and easy to create.

How to Style Them

– Use mousse to add volume to dry hair
– Use a medium-sized round brush to lift the hair up and back while blow-drying.
– Separate each side into two horizontal sections.
– Now braid both sections so that the braid is visible from the outside. Be sure to tie the end of each braid with a rubber band.

These are some of the most beautiful and popular short haircuts summer 2015. You can try these hairstyles with different variations on your short hair. Haircuts and styles for short hair are especially famous in the summer as they look even better in hot temperatures.

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