Haircuts 2016

Haircuts 2016

Los cortes de pelo 2016 muestran una mezcla ecléctica de looks clásicos retro y atrevidos nuevos looks.

Haircuts 2016

Bohemian waves, neat bobs and ponytails; these are best haircuts 2016. And you don’t need an expert to get them, these styles have endless ways for you to make them your own and go well with any look.

Tips for haircuts:

Short bobs will be everywhere in 2016. Add a new twist, with an ombré-that’s how it is on your short hair! With an asymmetrical cut choose a more dramatic color change. If you wear it shorter all around go for a lighter look, like a blonde ombré. This looks fantastic on both straight and wavy hair and can be elegant or feminine depending on your outfit. A center part is also in style for girls with shorter hair. Take this look to the max by adding some nice waves, and you’ll be ready for a casual party and a date afterwards. If you want to keep it really short, try a bigger, more feminine fringe for a really adorable version of a boy cut.

Medium haircuts 2016 :

Ombré is always a good idea! For medium hair try a three color ombré. This looks especially great when your hair is wavy, making the colors blend throughout the length of the hair. Choose a sweet bohemian wave to complement your feminine outfits. Or start in the middle of your hair and use a curling iron to redo some feminine curls.

For a bolder look try a low ponytail, which is dominating the 2016 runways. The low-key look is perfect for medium hair. Add some hair around the band, and now you have a bun to turn it into an evening hairstyle.

Long haircut ideas :

This year seventies looks with long wavy hair are everywhere. And the longer your hair is the more things you can do with it: a low ponytail is also great for long hair. Modern versions of classic buns are getting a lot of attention in 2016. Try leaving the ends out of your hairstyle and pinning it up with a modern piece. Or get a dramatic, polished look by backcombing the sides of your hair leaving the rest straight.

Haircuts 2016

Haircuts according to the shape of your face:

Everyone’s face falls into one of four basic shapes: oval, triangular, square and round. The shape of your face plays a role in how well a hairstyle will look on you. A celebrity may look great with a certain cut, but it may not be right for you. Here are some tips for finding the right hairstyles for your face shape.

Oval Long and short haircuts hanging down the face are not the best option. If you are looking for a mid-length haircut, try a fringe, which will make your face look shorter giving you more styling options. A bob that is just above or below your chin will frame your face well, especially when worn with a fringe.

Triangular You’ll look great with a fringe. It hides any angles that are too pronounced, giving you a sweet look, especially with an asymmetrical bob or fringed bob. Triangular faces can look great with a sophisticated hairstyle by moving the hair away from the face and leaving a bit on the forehead. Trendy ponytails with side swept bangs are also a great option for triangular faces.

Square Long, loose waves: Great for long, loose waves, which are popular in 2016. These soften the angles and draw attention to the eyes instead of the jawline. Fringe is a great option, or big side swept bangs that stay in place when you pin your hair back. You can have really short hair with a square face, but make sure the cut is still soft and gentle and not neat and pulled back.

Round Very versatile, and cute with bangs or short bobs. A few hairs on the forehead help to avoid a sphere look. Long, straight or curly hair looks great on round faces. Bobs and soft hairstyles are great, but nothing too tight or severe.

Colored haircuts :

2016 has brought us many trends for hair color. Basically if you like it you can wear it. We’ve seen a lot of purples which can be feminine or adventurous. And a dramatic cut will really bring out your new color. In addition to ombré, reddish brown is on trend, and beach blonde with a shimmer accent is also popular.

The 2016 haircuts show an eclectic mix of classic retro looks and bold new looks. Have fun with your cuts and colors, that’s what you style your hair for!

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