Haircuts 2015

Haircuts 2015

Este look de cortes de pelo 2015 se puede conseguir mediante el uso de un difusor y una plancha rizadora para mejorar el volumen de los rizos.

Haircuts 2015

Are you interested in changing your hairstyle and wondering what type of hairstyle to choose for the new year?

Don’t worry; here’s a list of haircut ideas 2015 to help you prepare for your new look. Say goodbye to your old hairstyle today.

Dried on one side

Wavy and straight blow-dries are a thing of the past. Combining the best of both styles, the side parting is perfect for those who are trendy and want it all. It’s a refined look, straight from top to mid-length. Soft curves and small waves give it a simple, natural appeal.

Wavy braid

The styles of 2015 are all about creating interesting textures. The wavy braid is a type of braid that has been revolutionizing the fashion industry. It is easy to do with simple tools, such as a brush and rollers. Simply curl the top layer of your hair and comb it into waves. To finish, style the crown of your hair before making a classic braid.

Haircuts 2015

High updo

Add drama to your hairstyle with the latest 2015 trends. Inspired by dancers, the high updo is a romantic type of updo that completely wraps around the back of the head. It’s not exactly a bun or a knot, but a simple, natural look that looks like it’s done with a simple twist of the hair.

Loose high bun

Simple, straight buns are no longer in fashion this year and so, the loose high bun is a hairstyle that is all the rage right now. Celebrities are wearing it on the red carpet, and many people have jumped on the bandwagon and appropriated it. Instead of tight buns, this one offers a more relaxed look. To achieve it, gather your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head and twist the ponytail around its base. The last step is to gather the ends, and voila, you have a loose high bun. For a more tousled look, feel free to let some hair down around your face and ears.

Elastic curls

For those who love curls, you’ll be happy to know that springy curls are making a comeback this year. The idea is to embrace natural curls with the original texture. Fixing gel can be used to maintain the shape of the curl. This 2015 haircuts look can be achieved by using a diffuser and a curling iron to enhance the volume of the curls.

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