Haircuts 2018

Haircuts 2018

Consejos, ideas y tendencias de cortes de pelo 2018.

Haircuts 2018
Haircuts 2018

How to style your hair for the new season?

Whether you’re looking for a new style or just want a change to update your current look, we’ve got the new 2018 haircuts at your fingertips for you to check out – never before have you had so many options to offer you the inspiration you need for your next visit to the salon!

Cropped Hair Styles

With the summer months just around the corner, short haircuts are becoming a good choice because, not only are they easy to maintain, but they are much more than those cute, style-defining cuts of the past.

  • Bobs Styles

The gradual bob look is shorter in the front and longer in the back. If you prefer a textured cut, add uneven layers and get the perimeter cut level from front to back. For a more sophisticated look, try adding long bangs and cut your hair so that it frames your jawline.

  • Chin-Level Cuts

These cuts reflect a careless and very popular look that oozes self-confidence. The bangs should skim the eyebrows and textured layers offer volume and movement. This messy look is so fabulous that it’s easy to maintain and looks good all day long.

Wide hair trends

Prefer to keep those long locks loose? Long hair looks great on just about everyone, and age is no longer a factor in deciding to cut it.

  • Careless Wide Style

Long hairstyle trends can be with straight or curly hair, but the messy look is what’s hot this season. With this style, you can wake up with your hairstyle ready for the day with just a few touch-ups – just finger comb it in the morning and you’re ready to go!

  • Braids and Updos

On hot and humid days, why not add a little creativity to the braids or updos that continue to grow in popularity? There are great solutions for going to work, a party or just getting out of the house for a while, and this is one of the benefits of growing your hair out!

Color Ideas

This is a season with some of the best color ideas around, and regardless of your choice, you can update your look immediately with styles appropriate for virtually any event.

  • Natural Colors

Now you can get the color you’ve always dreamed of without imbalance thanks to a French technique that “colors” the highlights by hand for a softer tone. Now you can achieve a dark mocha shade with highlights or a totally natural-looking baby blonde.

  • In Traditional

Why not try an intense combination of honey, mocha and gold for the latest hair color trend? How about a faded violet, an iridescent peach, a subtle golden pink with brown tones?

It’s always uplifting to do something different to your hair, so why stay stagnant and keep those boring looks? Step out of the ordinary, hold on to your self-esteem and have fun updating that style that’s sure to turn a lot of heads! Haircut tips, ideas and trends 2018.

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