Short haircuts for men 2015

Short haircuts for men 2015

¿Cuales son las últimas tendencias para cabello de hombre esta temporada? Los cortes de pelo cortos para hombres 2015, son las mejores opciones para los que trabajan.

Short haircuts for men 2015

What are the latest trends for men’s hair this season?

Short haircuts for men 2015, are the best options for those who work, even though these hairstyles are short, this doesn’t mean that the look of the style is minimal as you might think, in fact these hairstyles are so super chic and clean that they suit the working man in many occupational settings.

Option #1: Classic cut hairstyle

Whether you pair the classic haircut with a respectable and stylish formal or casual outfit, with this hairstyle you will notice a clean cut, because the hair is short on the sides and at the top, height is added to give it a modern touch.

Option #2: Short and wavy hairstyle

Short haircuts for men 2015

Men with wavy hair, should not be afraid to wear a short hairstyle that goes with their work, they simply need to go to a stylist and have them tame their hair with a short wavy hairstyle, when done to perfection, you will see that your wavy hair is very masculine and attractive.

Military-style haircut

If you are looking for a hairstyle that can offer you a variety of styling options, you can choose a military style cut, even with narrowed sides and an angled cut, you can style your hair in spikes or with gel; in a matter of minutes you can switch from one style to another.

Upward hair style

The updo is a classic-inspired hairstyle that you can wear to the office, to get the look simply apply a small amount of volumizing product to the front and crown of your hair, then create height with a comb.

While this article lists short haircuts for men 2015, those who work shouldn’t bother with which hairstyle is appropriate for going to work, just feel free to pick one and enjoy being stylish professionals.

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