Haircuts 2021 – Corto, Largo o Clásico – Peinados 2021

Haircuts 2021

No hay mejor momento para un cambio de look que el año nuevo. Cuando se trata de cortes de pelo 2021 tiene algo para todo tipo de largos, texturas y estilos.

Haircuts 2021

Welcome to the new fashion season! There’s no better time for a makeover than the new year. When it comes to haircuts 2021 has something for all kinds of lengths, textures and styles.

Haircuts 2021

Haircuts 2021

If you’ve ever thought about going back to a short haircut 2021 is the year for you! Go for a fringe or a short bob, or maybe experiment with an adorable Pixie cut.

Pixie Corto

The classic Pixie cut never went away completely, but in 2021 you will see this style making a comeback in place of its long, stretched out companion. Pixie cuts are spectacular because of their natural texture and tendency to add volume to the hair. This year’s Pixies are not straight, but looser and softer.

Baby Bangs

Short bangs, or Baby Bangs, will be a boom this year, so you can wear this trend no matter how long your hair is!

Straight Cut Bob

Chin-length straight cut bobs will be the chic choice of 2021. They work for straight or wavy hair. You can also vary it with a fringe and make the most of this versatile cut.

Media melena haircuts 2021

media melena haircuts 2021

For mid-length haircuts 2021 you will see classic shapes again, more modern straight cuts with one length and lots of center parts.

Melena Shag

This classic 70’s hairstyle is back for more! Perhaps it’s because of how easy it is to maintain and how good it looks. This layered style with extensive volume works especially well for wavy and curly hair. It also looks great with bangs.

“The Rachel”

90’s fashion is back and, along with it, the most iconic hairstyle of the decade: “The Rachel”. This collarbone-grazing look is layered and styled sleek and shiny – it’s a fun cut to try at least once!

Wide haircuts 2021

Wide haircuts 2021

The long haircuts 2021 will bring include natural textures, layers and bangs for everyone! If you can grow (or extend) your hair to the level of a goddess, then you’re in luck.

Natural Long Dreadlocks

Let your inner natural child loose with a long, natural style. Wear it long or style it with soft waves – don’t forget the flower crown!

Defined and Large Layers

Think a more toned-down version of Farrah Fawcett. A shoulder-length mane with lots of layers and volume will be the standout trend of this decade (or any other, for that matter).

Diva Disc Lengths

Express your inner Cher this year. To keep super long dreadlocks refreshing for 2021, keep the ends straight cut and no longer than your waist.

Striped haircuts 2021

Striped haircuts 2021

Have you thought about what curly haircuts 2021 will be in style? You’re in luck, as the trends include natural textures and some of the most stylish cuts of the year are ideal for curly and wavy hair.

Natural Touch

A natural touch, whether it’s waves, curls or coils, are part of the list. Whatever length you prefer, cut it for your natural curls and keep your flat iron in the closet.

Shoulder-length bangs

You’ll love how you’ll look with your curls if you cut your hair in this shape! It has the perfect volume so your curls won’t fade, and it’s finally time to appreciate curly bangs – thank you, fashion muses!

Pixie laughed

You can make this style unique. Leave your hair a little longer for a softer look. If you want something more precise, try a shorter cut on the sides and nape with longer curls on top.

Men’s haircuts 2021

Men's haircuts 2021

The 2021 men’s haircuts that will be worn in 2021 are all contrasting lengths, precision and with a little tousled touch.

Fade Cut with Upper Volume

This cut is modern and clean for 2021. Wear it shorter on top for a less work-intensive look, or a little longer if you’re comfortable styling it.

Gradient at the sides and Backcombing

Keep your style pinned on the sides and add a voluminous updo on top for a sleek and beautiful cut for the new year.

Hairstyles 2021

What 2021 hairstyle would you like to try this year?

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