Cropped haircuts

Cropped haircuts

Los cortes de pelo corto rizado son fáciles de hacer con unas pocas herramientas sencillas, hay muchas opciones para darle estilo.

Cropped haircuts

Short curly haircuts are easy to do with a few simple tools, there are many options to style short curly hair and accentuate its beauty, here are a few.

Tools you will need:

A hair dryer, some gel, hairspray, barrettes, a brush and a headband.

Top 5 styles for short curly hair

1.The short curly bob

This sweet haircut suits people with round and heart-shaped faces, this hairstyle looks good either at a uniform length or with bangs; put tubes all over your hair to make it curly, secure it with hairspray or use a curling iron.

2. Backcombing with a head band

Cropped haircuts

This tasteful look with a youthful twist, can be dramatic and serious or playful, first choose the type of headband you want whether it’s a navy blue headband, one that has a flower or a neon one, blow dry the hair with a blow dryer and brush it from top to crown, add gel if you want and secure it with a headband to complete the look.

3. Short with gel

Very short hair can be given this touch of fun with the right amount of product, this hairstyle looks best when combined with smoky eyes and sleek earrings, for a natural curl once the hair is almost dry add gel, use curling tongs for more defined curls.

4. Short pixie cut to one side

This hairstyle involves moving all the hair up and layering it to one side for a dramatic effect, take the hair a few inches from the center and carefully pull it to one side, secure the hairstyle with hairspray.

5. Halfway up

One of the haircuts The most elegant curly updo is the updo; take the top half of the hair from either side, pull it back and then secure it using a bobby pin, to have the hair half up and half down, it will frame your face and keep the curls from hogging the spotlight.

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