Bob haircut

Bob haircut

¿Por que escoger un corte de pelo bob?

Bob haircut

Why choose a bob haircut?

Bob haircuts have been popular for over 50 years whether short or long, these trends are timeless classics for any woman, year after year bob hairstyles have continued to be popular looks among celebrities and women all over the world.

Bob haircut

From sexy to classic, the short bob has continued to be the most sought after look, there are bob hairstyles for every hair texture and face shape, wondering which cut is right for you, here are some popular haircuts:

Traditional Bob- This is a classic hairstyle that is easy to customize to fit your personality and face shape, it can be worn with or without a fringe based on your hair texture and personal preference, this bob has clean, defined lines.

Curly Bob- This cut provides the classic style of a traditional bob that uses layers to define the natural curls.

Bob haircut

A-line bob- This modern cut, best for women who have sharper facial features, an A-line bob is angled in the front and is slightly longer than a traditional bob, perfect for square and heart-shaped faces.

Layered Bob- If you have very thick hair, this bob may be for you, cutting hair in layers helps to thin and shape thicker hair.

Paje- Providing a flirty retro style for straight hair, this bold short style is easy to maintain and looks great on most face and body types.

Wide bob haircut.

Bob styles for long hair don’t sacrifice length, if you want to wear a bob but don’t want to cut your hair, a long bob may be what you’re looking for, this cut gives you the versatility of longer hair that can be pulled back in many styles, along with the classic look of a short bob, a long bob is achieved by cutting the hair at shoulder length or slightly below, using the clean lines of the traditional bob.

No matter what look you want, there’s a bob haircut for every woman!

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